Another Day!

Today was a different day after so long  I saw my hands shaking like anything. I really don't know if they were all silent for so long or I  just completely forgot about them or maybe I have accepted the fact that they will remain the same. I have tried everything that I could, I tried medicine, therapies,  have gone through several counseling sessions but nothing actually helped. Well, that's fine actually I ok with it, they have become a part of me. But I have to admit sometimes they embarrass me like hell, like sometimes before talking to someone or giving a speech or viva I think about telling the teacher beforehand that I have this condition, I am NOT nervous or scared, Yes I am a bit anxious but it's as normal as everybody else. I don't know why but I never say that maybe because I don't want them to think that I am in any way different. It's really tough to live with a condition that no one is aware of. Because when people don't know about anything …

When anxiety attacks!

We use the word 'anxiety' or 'anxious' in our daily life. It has become so common that it has lost its worth. However, anxiety is not as simple as it seems. It is not similar to be being nervous, being nervous is an acute stage whereas anxiety is chronic.
I have major anxiety issues. And thing about this is that i know I am over thinking but I cant help it. Once a thought enters my mind, it reproduces and forms many little litte thoughts. It like I cant stop thinking. It is simply not possible. This used to make me sad, and half of the time I used to think it happensbecause I am not confident enough. But it is not true, I am confident in what i blelieve and what I do. I just need sometime to blend into the new environment. But this doesn't make me any less confident, does it?
If someone you know has anxiety issues, please never call that 'crazy' or 'you stress alot over pity issues'. We know that we give somethings more importance than they deserve an…

When it all started!!

It is really hard to recall that when was the first time I noticed tremors. I guess it was the time when I was 6-7 years old. It was not an issue at that age. I hardly knew what tremors are or that my hands tremors.  And I think the lack of awareness is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. At that time I was very small to understand why some things were hard for me to do while they were so easy for others.

I remember, my handwriting used to be so poor. I couldn't make those curvy English alphabets. Cursive writing was like a curse. I can remember those days when in every parent-teacher meetings my teacher used to complain about my handwriting. I was getting used to everything, even to those I had no idea about. Schooling is tough time especially the very start and the very end. For the first time, a child sets foot in the external world. And not every student is alike. I was a bit different, so are many children.
My handwriting didn't improve, my efforts were all for na…